Billy Goat Spoiler

Billy Goat Spoiler

This is a 2 piece spoiler set with window meant to replace the OEM GTO rear spoiler. Made from molded gloss black and clear polycarbonate these attatch first using included hardware and double sided tape. The upper portion made from a CNC machined plastic, comes in a black satin and overlaps/latches via double sided tape. This piece responds well to paint or can be vinyl wrapped/plasti dipped.


Save 10% on our GTO spoiler adjustable rods and tabs if paired with our spoiler. (Last 3 pictures) This is a set of custom length aluminum splitter rods and billet brackets for our GTO spoiler. These brackets are specifically machined to attach to the berger panel on the GTO trunk and then mount onto the top window hole in the spoiler. (Holes need to be drilled in the berger panel but they are hidden). While these are not necessary they add a level of adjustability and a more aggressive style. Hardware included.  


To really set your rods off an engraved option is now available for for an additional $20! (see last pictures)


Installation Instructions: Pontiac GTO

    Adjustable Spoiler Rods & Tabs

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