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Nissan Juke Nismo Front Lip

Nissan Juke Nismo Front Lip

This is a completely original designed front lip for the Nissan Juke Nismo. Using state of the art 3D lidar scanning and precision CNC mills we were able to create a factory feeling and fitting front lip for your Juke!

This lip is made from high quality ABS plastic we vacuum mold in house! The ABS we use is strong and rugged and comes in Two finish options.

1. Smooth- Comes in a semi-gloss black, we recommend this be painted as soon as possible as the paint will be the ABS plastic's UV protection.

2. Textured- Comes in a satin black finish and needs no paint and can be installed and ran as is.

Functionally the design is meant to create a bit of down-force on the front end along with a positive pressure area diffusing air around the front tires (we advertise no gains only the theory of the shape we've run through CAD software). Hardware is included and because of the great fitment excessive drilling and mounting points aren't necessary.

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